Deep Sky Photography

Photographing Deep Sky is the most difficult part of Astro photography.

Now the digital revolution opens a lot of possibilities. Digital Astro photography isn't as hard as the classical photography.
It's a complete different experience.

Orion Nebula M42 TEC 140 version

Date: 10/02/2012
Telescope: TEC 140mm
Mount: EQ6 modified with Astromeccanica motors and FS2 Controller on an Epsilon Modular Pier
System: TS 2,5mm Field Flattener
Camera: Canon EOS 550DA with Hutech LPS
Exposure: 760 sec @ 800asa + darks and flats
Treatment: Nebulosity and Photoshop
Remarks: First light with this great scope. The TS 2.5 Field Flattener is doing a good job.

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