original setup of the 30cm Cassegrain

The Cassegrain mounted on the Fullerscopes MK IV mount.  The Fullerscopes MK IV mount is a heavy duty equatorial mount made in the 1950's.  It has drive on the two axes. 

This is the setup with the original drives before they were replaced with the AWR Technology motors and the FS2 controller.

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Le Cassegrain Classique de 30 cm

Le Cassegrain Classique de 30 cm est le plus grand télescope opérationnel de la plate-forme d'observation.
Le télescope a été construit dans les années 1970. Maintenant c'est complètement restauré.
Nous utilisons principalement pour l'observation du ciel profond

The 30 cm Classical Cassegrain

The 30 cm Classical Cassegrain is the largest operational telescope on the observation platform.
Le telescope was originally build in the 1970's. Now it's completely restored.
We use mostly for deep sky observations

The Classical Modified Cassegrain

primary focal length : 45 inches (1143mm)
backfocus : 10 inches (254mm)
Amplification (secondary) : 3.80
diameter: 11.9 inches
Focal ratio: 11.41357
Focal length : 135 inches (3438mm) Primary F ratio: 4.017857
Spacing : 31.25 inches
Secondary radius : 41.25 inches Secondary size: 3 3/4 inches (95mm)
Field curvature: 14.46429 inches
Primary correction : 100 %
Secondary correction: 200%
Airy disk size: 0.96 arc sec (diameter)
Spot size : 17x10 (RC modified) pour supprimer la coma !
Airy/spot ratio: 1.00
Degrees off Axis: 0.2 deg. (12 arc min) primary mirror
Coma free field : 24 arc min.

The Fullerscopes MK IV with the AWR motors and the FS2 controller. Goto and autoguiding works very good..

Fantastic optics made by Paul Jones.

Testing the new Fullerscopes MK IV mount

Before installing the new Fullerscopes mount permantly in the observatory I first wanted to test the polar alignment and the backlash of the mount. Therefore I made a set of test photos of M42 and the Moon using the long focal 102mm Polarex refractor.

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