Classic goto mount?

Today it's easily to buy a ready made special go-to mount for a small amount. Why should take all this trouble to retrofit a classic mount?

The discussion isn't about go-to or manual search but about the upgrade retrofit of the classic mount (sorry Bob).

A lot of large old observatories retrofit all the time their classic and historic instruments. Even if they have access to big observatories in Chili.

There can be several reasons.

It isn't the first retrofit mount I have. My good old Fullerscopes MK iV has also go-to. It works but I'm aware that the functionalities of my modern Mesu 200-mount are much better.

Even if you retrofit a classic mount with contemporary technology it still is a classic mount. The look and feel remains the same.

It still has it original character. It's difficult to explain.

I agree with Bob that the finishing of the retro fit could have been done better. I'm thinking of painting the different parts in black.

When I observed last night with the Polarex go-to it still was a Polarex mount. the fine adjustments of the RA and the dec remain operational.

And yes, Terra, the mount stand on a semi permanent pier and I'm planning to use it with other scopes. Old and new ones.

Even to use as a wide field photographic platform.

Why not. Let's think out of the box.

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Bought a Unitron - Polarex equatorial mount 152 with custom made GOTO system by AWR from the UK.

I think Unitron purists will be horrified by the idea of changing this marvelous mounts.

It isn't any longer a real collector's item but a work horse.

It's interesting to see how people are searching to give their classic gear a second life.

You can also see it as a compliment for the versatility of the Polarex system to be able to be updated to the modern standards.

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