Polarex mount goto modification

Last night I used for the first time the go-to Polarex with my 4" refractor. It still is a Polarex scope and mount.

The same sensation of working with a classic scope.

Will I keep this mount? Certainly. It's a added value for the classic scope. A second life. It opens more possibilities in observing and astrophotography.

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Bought a Unitron - Polarex equatorial mount 152 with custom made GOTO system by AWR from the UK.

I think Unitron purists will be horrified by the idea of changing this marvelous mounts.

It isn't any longer a real collector's item but a work horse.

It's interesting to see how people are searching to give their classic gear a second life.

You can also see it as a compliment for the versatility of the Polarex system to be able to be updated to the modern standards.

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