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Les Instruments

Les télescopes

L'association "Les Observatoires du Clain" a pour objectif la promotion de l'histoire de l'astronomie.
Les Observatoires mettent a disposition des adhérents des observatoires avec des instruments astronomiques historiques.

Dans le futur proche, les fonds recueillis vont servir à la construction de quatre observatoires pour héberger les télescopes historiques.
Ces télescopes sont des instruments professionnels datant des années 1950. Ils sont restaurés et attendent d'être installés dans des bâtiments déjà existants.

The telescopes

Historical telescopes are part of the scientific heritage.
This telescopes were used in astronomical research and deserve being respected and charisted.
Each instrument has it's own history and legacy.
At "Les Observatoires du Clain" we study, restore and put this instruments back in use.
Before putting this historical telescopes back in use we retrofit them to modern standards. This has the double advantage during observation : modern comfort and the historical context.

The research is based on the large library and archive of "Les Observatoires du Clain", an international network of collectors and researches and a longtime experience of the members of the association.

The retrofit of the telescopes and the mounts can be undone and the instruments brought back in their initial condition.

At the observatory we have a collection of 70 historical telescopes. Most of them are operetional. Some of them are underway for being restored.

The core of the project are the Czech telescopes from the Zdanice Observatory and are made by Gajdusek and Kozelsky in the 1960's.
Of the 5 Gajdusek - Kozelsky telescopes 2 are already operational and are used on the Observation Platform.
The others planned to be installed in roll off observatories.

Le 30cm Cassegrain

Le 25cm Gajdusek-Kozelsky Cassegrain

Carl Zeiss Jena Spiegelobjektiv

102mm and 75mm Polarex refractors on a goto mount

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