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Photo of M27 made with the 1000mm Zeiss Spiegelobjektiv

During my last visit in the Provence for theATOS-project I visited my good friends Caroline and Jean-Luc Plouvier from the Domaine de la Blaque in Varages.  You should visit them.  It's paradise.

Was able to use Jean-Luc's Mesu 200 mount to make some astrophotos with the Zeiss Jena 1000mm f5.6 Spiegelobjektiv. 


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Site de Télescopes Antiques (ATOS)

ATOS (Site de Télescopes Antiques) est la prochaine étape dans l'évolution d’Anamorfose et Anamorfose Curiosa.
Anamorfose a été fondée en 1996 en tant que antiquariat de photo en Belgique. Anamorfose vendait en ligne des photos d'art et des livres dans le monde entier. Après des années l'accent est passé de la photographie d'art à la photographie scientifique et plus spécifiquement la photographie astronomique. Avec l'achat de photos astronomiques est venu aussi l’achat et la vente de télescopes

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ATOS update

The ATOS project becomes a Turtle project (my totem sign).  Slowly advancing but with a lot of perseverance like a turtle.

About every 3 weeks I travel to the Provence in search of the right spot for the observatories and the overnight stays for the visitors.  Every time I leave with  an agenda with about 7 or 8 appointments for visiting different places.  The selections of the sites starts behind my computer: searching for the right ads, contacting the sellers, gathering all the needed informat

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Antique Telescope Observation Site (ATOS)

ATOS (Antique Telescope Observation site)  is the next step in the evolution of Anamorfose and Anamorfose Curiosa

Anamorfose was founded in 1996 as a Photo Gallery in Belgium.  Anamorfose was selling vintage art photography and books worldwide as an e-commerce.  After years, the focus shifted from art photography to scientific photography and more specifically astronomical photography.  With the purchase of astronomical photos came also the trade in historical and antique telescopes. 

This cul

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