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Photo of M27 made with the 1000mm Zeiss Spiegelobjektiv

During my last visit in the Provence for theATOS-project I visited my good friends Caroline and Jean-Luc Plouvier from the Domaine de la Blaque in Varages.  You should visit them.  It's paradise.

Was able to use Jean-Luc's Mesu 200 mount to make some astrophotos with the Zeiss Jena 1000mm f5.6 Spiegelobjektiv. 


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Carl Zeiss Jena Spiegelobjektiv 1000mm f/5.6

The 1000 Spiegelobjektiv (mirror lens) was manufactured always in a Pentacon Six mount with appropriate35mm mount adaptor included ( M42, Exakta, & Praktina ).

This is one of the mythical lenses made by Carl Zeiss Jena with a fantastic finishing.  Mechanical and optical a masterpiece.

Tested the Spiegelobjektiv with a Sony Alpha 7S and it's an excellent lens.  Also for astrophotography

More information on the Anamorfose website

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Playing with a Zeiss Jena Tessar astrocamera

First light for an experimental astrocamera made from a Zeiss Jena Tessar 250mm f4,5

3314849138?profile=RESIZE_480x480The astrocamera is equiped with a 2" moonlight focuser.  Makes focusing easier.

3314857612?profile=RESIZE_480x480The lens is a view camera lens 250mm f:4,5 Tessar made by Carl Zeiss Jena.

3314845825?profile=RESIZE_480x480Photo taken two nights ago. Moon and high nebulosity: not the best circumstances for astrophotography.

The mount is the Skywatcher Star Adventurer.  A very nice traveller mount.

3314849457?profile=RESIZE_480x480The Orion Nebula

3314849343?profile=RESIZE_480x480Crop of the precious photo

3314851068?profile=RESIZE_480x480The Pleiads

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Intes MK63: small and build as a Russian tank

It's only a 15cm or 6" f:10 Maksutov telescope but it looks and feels like a much bigger instrument.


All metal, no plastic and a lot of beautiful glass made in the 1970's..

The Mk63 sits on an equatorial wedge with a motor and controller on the RA.  It runs smooth. 

3314847760?profile=RESIZE_480x480Nice feature is the small Maksutov Guiding Scope.


The complete set with original adapters makes it easy to attach a camera to the scope.

3314848205?profile=RESIZE_480x480First result: full Moon


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A personal history of photography

A personal history of photography Photography is malicious and dark Following two historical Collector’s Room Updates (pictorialism and modernism) the third Update is a unique perspective on photography and its history with images exploring the boundaries of conventional photography. Photography as a medium explodes and loses its traditional connotations. Historically accurate but not educational. A thematic group exhibition with original photographs by: E.E. Barnard (USA), Nikolaï Kossikoff (BE

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Astronomical: Photographs of our Solar System and Beyond

Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona
Location: 1030 North Olive Road, Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: (602) 252-8840

Exhibition: "Astronomical: Photographs of our Solar System and Beyond"
Exhibition Dates: January 31 to May 17
Reception Date: February 26, 6 - 8pm

The opening, on February 26, includes a lecture by Xavier Debeerst, one of the world’s experts on astrophotography, telescopes, and astronomical ephemera.

The evolution of photography has

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