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The 16cm f:15 Gajdusek Kozelsky refractor is installed on the Fullerscopes MK IV mount.  This heavy duty mount from the 1950's carries the refractor very well.

3314846658?profile=RESIZE_480x480Now it will be possible to observe more objects because the Fullerscopes has the GOTO function.

3314846086?profile=RESIZE_480x480The equatorial mount will make it possible to use higher enlargements.  It will also be possible to use the refractor for astrophotography

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At the end of the Nihon Seiko saga in 1999 Unitron launches a set of digital setting circles for the 3" equatorial telescope.  A last action to compete with the Celestron and Meade computerized telescopes.  Too late.  The war is over.  The computerized mounted SCT telescopes won the war.

Unitron made two different versions of the ImageTrac: an automatic version with motors for the RA and the dec and a manual, Push-to version.  It's the manual version we're reviewing.

I don't think Unitr

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