Solar observation with Merz 75mm from 1890

Observed the Sun the Merz 75mm refractor, equatorial mounted.
This telescope dates from the 1890's.
Used the original Merz eyepieces. Simple Huygens eyepieces but from very good quality.
Nice sharp and contrast views. Lot's of details in the sun spots.


This is an impressive 19th century German telescope.  Used this telescope several times and I'm impressed with the optics and the mechanics of the equatorial mount.

Georg Merz d. 12 January 1867, left business to sons Sigmund & Ludwig.  S. Merz becomes director, used engraved names ''G. & S. Merz vormalsUtzschneider und Fraunhofer’ and ‘G. & S. Merz’. 1871, 63 employees at Merz.

The Merz 75mm refractor is a one of a kind telescope.  The lens with a diameter of 75mm is for it's time large.  The equatorial mount on a woorden tripod is a beauty.

Included in the sale
G. u S. Merz 75 mm f:12refractor
Equatorial metal mount and wooden tripod.
Original finderscope with 15mm crosshair eyepiece and metal lenshood
6 Merz eyepieces: 40mm, 20mm, 15mm, 14mm, 6mm, 5mm
Original star diagonal
Eyepiece adapter
solar filter for the eyepieces
Metal lens hood

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