The Heliostat by Frantisec Kozelsky

The Heliostat by Frantisec Kozelsky

The archive of the Zdanice is about 90 large cardboard boxes full of documents.
When I filled the boxes at the observatory I didn’t have the time to select or to look at the documents.  My time was so limited that I only could empty the cabinets ad fill the boxes
Now I have some more time and I discover box by box.  Not all the documents are interesting.  I don’t throw away any document.  I try to find some order and logic.
I don’t speak, write or read Czech.  I recognize some words. 
First I have to scan the documents with OCR soft and then I use Google Translate.  This is enough to get an idea what the document is about.
If it is interesting I rewrite the text. 

I think it will take a couple of years before the complete archive will be inventoried. 

Some documents are very relevant such as a letter by Frantisec Kozelsky about the motorization of the heliostat. 
The letter dates from 1998.  The observatory opened in 1963 and closed in 2002.  So it’s at the end of the observatory.
The project was to use the heliostat to project the solar disc on the roof of the planetarium.
The planetarium was never finished because of financial troubles.  Only the dome existed.  The Zeiss instrument was never installed.

I didn’t find the heliostat.  Only the unfinished optical system to enter the sunlight in the planetarium.

The letter and the plans illustrate very well the way Kozelsky prepared his projects.

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