Les Observatoires du Clain

Les Observatoires du Clain est un atelier dédié à l'histoire de l'astrophotographie avec une salle d'exposition, une bibliothèque avec des  livres rares et des télescopes historiques.    

Les Observatoires du Clain sont situés à Sommières-du-Clain,  petit village français dans le département de la Vienne (40 km au sud de Poitiers, Poitou-Charentes).

Les instruments historiques sont à la location par nuit, week-end et la semaine. L'hébergement est gratuit.

Les amateurs sont invités à utiliser leurs propres instruments. Il y a suffisamment d'espace libre (2 hectares), sous un ciel limpide.
 Xavier est là pour vous accompagner et mettre à votre disposition ses connaissances et son matériel.

Vendredi 22, samedi 23 et dimanche 24 juin,  aura lieu l'ouverture festive des Observatoires du Clain.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour réserver votre emplacement sous les étoiles.

Les observatoires du Clain on France 3

Antique Telescope Observation Site

"Les Observatoires du Clain"  is an astronomical site dedicated to the history of astrophotography with an exhibition hall, a library with rare books and historical telescopes.

"Les Observatoires du Clain"  are located in Sommières-du-Clain, a small French village in the Vienne department (40 km south of Poitiers, Poitou-Charentes).

The historical telescopes are for rent by night, weekend and week.

We have three rooms available for amateur astronomers. These rooms are free for the people who rent our telescopes. This is of course dependent on availability. Otherwise there are several B&B's in Sommières-du-Clain. There is enough space to camp on site.

Amateurs are welcome to bring their own telescopes. There is enough free space (2 hectares), under a clear sky.

Xavier is here to accompany you and provide you with his knowledge and equipment.

On Friday the 22nd, Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of June 2018, the festive opening of "Les Observatoires du Clain" will take place.

Do not hesitate to contact me to reserve your location under the stars.


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  • The large vintage observatory telescopes of the Observatoires du Clain.

    In fact could use some help with the project.  Interested?  Please contact me.

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  • Mizar 11cm Newton telescope + guide scope

    This is a fine Newton reflector made in the mid 1970's.  Comes with rather hard to find 50mm guidescope.

    The Mizar is a real collectors item.  But it's also completely functional.  It can be used for stargazing.


    Optics are ok. Can be used as such.
    Some scratches on the tube of the Newton and the major ones on the tube of the guide scope

    Focuser is smooth
    Mount works fine.  Some cosmetic traces of us on the mount.

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  • Small website for Les Observatoires du Clain

    Observatoires du Clain
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Anamorfose Photo Gallery

The Anamorfose Photo Gallery started selling vintage photos in 1997.  From the start we have used the internet as a primary platform for displaying the collection.  We were one of the first European online photo dealers to do so.

Today, after almost 20 years Anamorfose has one of the most reknown online vintage photo collections.  We maintain an inventory that spans more than 80 years photo history from 1870 unitl 1950 in a full range of styles and subjects.

The vintage photos are available for guidance in establishing or developing a collection as well as buying or selling.

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