Early 10cm Seiko Scope - Polarex

Early 100mm f:15 Seiko Scope - Polarex +/- 1952

There is a lot to tell about this telescope.  I don't know if you are familiar with the Polarex history?

You find a lot of information on the Unitron History website: http://www.unitronhistory.com/ and an article I wrote about the history http://www.unitronhistory.com/articles/xavier-debeerst-post/

Nihon Seiko Kenkyusho started in the early 1950's with the production of high quality amateur telescopes under the brand Seiko Scope and Polarex.  The Seiko Scope was the brand used in Japan and Polarex in Europe and Australia.

Only later came the brand Unitron in the US and Germany.

The Seiko Scope you're interested in is perhaps one of the first Seiko Scopes in Europe.  On the boxes there are shipping labels from Malmo, Sweden over Copenhagen, Denmark to Essen, Germany.  The style of the labels is early 1950's.

At the beginning of the production of the scopes Nihon Seiko didn't sign their lenses.  It's only 1953 that they started to sign their lenses.  So the telescope must be made between 1951 and 1953.

The oldest owner I found was a teacher of natural history in Essen, Germany.  I don't know his name.

I bought the scope in Düsseldorf, Germany from a collector.

Of course the mount and all the accessories are original Seiko - Polarex accessories.

This is an extremely fine setup for its age.  It's in excellent condition.  It was for me an exceptional find and in the last 15 years I've more than hundred Polarex - Unitron telescopes.