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Solar observation with Merz 75mm from 1890

Observed the Sun the Merz 75mm refractor, equatorial mounted.
This telescope dates from the 1890's.
Used the original Merz eyepieces. Simple Huygens eyepieces but from very good quality.
Nice sharp and contrast views. Lot's of details in the sun spots.


This is an impressive 19th century German telescope.  Used this telescope several times and I'm impressed with the optics and the mechanics of the equatorial mount.

Georg Merz d. 12 January 1867, left business to sons Sigmund & Ludwig.  S. Merz becomes director, used engraved names ''G. & S. Merz vormalsUtzschneider und Fraunhofer’ and ‘G. & S. Merz’. 1871, 63 employees at Merz.

The Merz 75mm refractor is a one of a kind telescope.  The lens with a diameter of 75mm is for it's time large.  The equatorial mount on a woorden tripod is a beauty.

Included in the sale
G. u S. Merz 75 mm f:12refractor
Equatorial metal mount and wooden tripod.
Original finderscope with 15mm crosshair eyepiece and metal lenshood
6 Merz eyepieces: 40mm, 20mm, 15mm, 14mm, 6mm, 5mm
Original star diagonal
Eyepiece adapter
solar filter for the eyepieces
Metal lens hood

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Harris & Son Newton telescope

Finally the Harris & Son Newton telescope arrived from the UK. Thomas Harris was active in London between 1780 and 1817. The telescope and the mount in bad condition. Lot's of original parts are missing. When I bought the scope the mirror was perfect. When it arrived is broken. Big loss. But it's a historical interesting instruments who deserves to be restored. It will take a lot of time. No hurry. Still have enough other telescopes who need my attention

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Secretan, box with 7 telescope eyepieces 1950's

Secretan was one of the finest opticians of France.  This a rare box with 6 astronomical and 1 terrestrial eyepiece.

The astronomical eyepices can be used in combination with modern telescopes.

Tested the eyepeices with a modern refractor and they perform exceptionally.  I suppose this are orthoscopic eyepieces.

Very rare to find these separately.

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Secretan 8cm telescope +/- 1920

This is a complete 81mm Secretan refractor.  The alt az has slow motion control on the two axes.  This is rather uncommon. 
The slow motions are working very smooth.  Hard to find a Secretan 81mm with the complete alt az mount.
In the 1930 telescope catalogue it is mentioned as a additional option.

The Secretan telescope is in very fine condition.  It has completely cleaned, re-lubed and restored.
The views are excellent as you can expect from a Secretan refractor.

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Mirrors made by Prof. Emile Schaer

Two telescope mirrors made the famous Suisse optician and astronomer Prof. Emile Schaer (1862 - 1931).
The two mirrors are part of heliostat.
The two mirrors are described in "Publications of the Observatoire Geneve Series A, vol. 18, pp.253-265" 1931.
The diameter are 26cm (625cm) and 20cm (300cm).
Emile Schaer is know for the invention of the folded refractor.
The mirrors are signed

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Restoration of a 81mm Sécretan refractor, +/- 1920

Secretan, Marc Francois Louis

Nationality:  Swiss

Brief Bio:  1804-1867, mathematician; scientific instrument maker, Swiss

until 1844 - professor of mathematics at Academy of Lausanne;
1840 - worked with Friedrich von Martens and Samuel Heer producing daguerreotypes;
1844 - moved to Paris;
1845 - partnership with Lerebours as Lerebours & Secretan; used joint name until 1880s and beyond.
1855 - after retirement of Noel Paymal Lerebours became sole proprietor of Lerebours and Secretan, and signed himself as "Maison Lerebours et Secretan / Secretan, Successeur" and as "Opticien de S.A.M. l'Empereur." He also did work for the Paris observatory.
after 1860 - Secretan also issued catalogs as sole proprietor after 1860
Collaborated with William Eichens, designer of telescopes.
1860s - worked with Foucault, improved silvering techniques.
1867 - succeded by his son, Auguste Secretan (1833-1874) and nephew, Georges Secretan (1837-1906 )
1874 - succeded by his cousin, Georges.
c. 1900 - succeded by Paul Victor Secretan

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During my last visit in the Provence for theATOS-project I visited my good friends Caroline and Jean-Luc Plouvier from the Domaine de la Blaque in Varages.  You should visit them.  It's paradise.

Was able to use Jean-Luc's Mesu 200 mount to make some astrophotos with the Zeiss Jena 1000mm f5.6 Spiegelobjektiv. 

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Site de Télescopes Antiques (ATOS)

ATOS (Site de Télescopes Antiques) est la prochaine étape dans l'évolution d’Anamorfose et Anamorfose Curiosa.
Anamorfose a été fondée en 1996 en tant que antiquariat de photo en Belgique. Anamorfose vendait en ligne des photos d'art et des livres dans le monde entier. Après des années l'accent est passé de la photographie d'art à la photographie scientifique et plus spécifiquement la photographie astronomique. Avec l'achat de photos astronomiques est venu aussi l’achat et la vente de télescopes et lunettes astronomiques historiques et antiques.
Cela a culminé dans le commerce fructueuse de lunettes et télescopes antiques d'observatoire.

La prochaine étape dans cette évolution est ATOS.

L'installation de ces grands télescopes et de lunettes dans des observatoires afin que le public et les acheteurs potentiels peuvent les utiliser et de les tester donnera un coup de pouce au commerce du télescope antique.

Le concept de ATOS

"La création d'un site pour des  observatoires avec des télescopes anciens dans une région européenne sans pollution lumineuse."


L'emplacement du site avec les observatoires est un des critères les plus importants et les plus difficiles du projet. Avec la pollution lumineuse en  Europe, il n’ est pas évident de trouver une région avec suffisamment de nuits limpides. Deuxièmement, l'emplacement doit être attrayant pour les visiteurs.

Après quelques recherches et analyses de plusieurs régions, nous avons décidé que la France est le meilleur pays adapté pour réaliser ATOS.
Des endroits avec des ciels limpides, environ 170 nuits claires dans une année avec d'excellentes possibilités d'observation (Source: Observatoire de Haute Provence), climat agréable, bonne infrastructure routière, riche offre culturelle et des gens très gentils.

Les Observatoires

L'infrastructure de départ sera les grands télescopes d’observatoire avec des télescopes classiques déjà présents dans notre inventaire.  Au total, nous avons des plans pour 5 observatoires.

Plus tard, le site d'observation sera ouvert à d'autres collectionneurs de télescopes antiques qui veulent installer leurs télescopes sous un ciel noir.

Les observatoires sont basés sur des cabanes de jardin en bois d’environ 20m²  et d’une hauteur maximale de 5 mètres.
Le toit de ces cabanes est coulissant.

Groupes cibles

Outre les astronomes et les collectionneurs de télescopes, ATOS sera ouvert pour le grand public qui aime un séjour de qualité dans la Provence et découvrir les nuits claires  avec des télescopes classiques.

Xavier Debeerst
Nieuwstraat 11
8870 Izegem
Téléphone 00 32 476 49 19 71

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Our service

We have been selling vintage astronomical instruments for over more than 10 years.
I'm a amateur astronomer myself and all instruments I sell are in good working condition.
I test all the telescopes under the stars and know the possibilities of each instrument
All the instruments are controlled and cleaned before shipping.
The necessary reparations are done.
If possible missing parts are replaced.
If not, read the item description carefully for possible defects.  
Take a close look at the photos.
The advantage is you know exactly what you're buying.

We put a lot of effort in the wrapping of the items.
We use professional shippers for the world wide shipping.
We have experience in shipping large instruments up to the unique and complete 6" Unitron - Polarex
Each shipping has a tracking number.
If wanted the shipping can be ensured door2door

Returns are possible.
The buyer needs to know how to use the instrument in the right way.
There is a limited warranty because we don't sell new instruments but used vintage instruments.

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Oigee Mentor 2" refractor equatorial mount 1922

You don't see them often. I suppose there are only 20 of this small school telescope still existing.
It's the Oigee Mentor. A 50mm equatorial mounted refractor. The table top mount is very beautiful finished with the wooden pier. The telescope was made in the 1920's in Berlin, Germany.
Tested it last night on Mars and Saturn and the views are very pleasant.
Surprising for such a small scope. Small but very heavy. A lot of cast iron.

More information on the Anamorfose website

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