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French brass telescope, Boucart, Paris, +/- 1830

Lens diameter 60mm tube 65mm length 89cm.
1 terrestrial eyepiece that can be removed.
Internal focuser with one knob.

Boucart Opticien Fabricant à Paris, 35 quai de l'Horloge
Boucart started activities as optician in Paris in 1790. The company was specialized in microscopes but they also sold telescopes.

In 1820 Boucart was taken over by Kuivert Opticien, Paris. See the inventory of the Nachet Collection, 1929
Boucart isn't longer mentioned in the catalog of "L'industrie Française des

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Rare Steinheil large zenith prism for refractors.
Steinheil was one of the most famous European telescope brands from the 19th century.

The zenith prism is a rare accessory.  Also the size is rare.  It's probably made for the large professional refractors.

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Secretan 10cm large table top telescope +/- 1850

Secretan 10cm large table top telescope +/- 1850

Early (+/-1855) 10cm (!) Secretan table top telescope with all the eyepieces and finder scope.
the scope has a very beautiful dark varnish. No cleaning needed. Will leave it as it is.

19th century table top telescopes have normally a diameter of 60mm or 75mm.  Larger models are very rare.

A very nice example of the classic French terrestrial and astronomical refracting telescope, here in a perfect original condition with all original lacquer entir

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Meopta 5,5cm table top telescope, school telescope

School telescopes were a tradition in Germany in the 1920's.  In Eastern-Europe several telescope makers continued to make them after the 1950's.

I didn't know of Meopta making such school telescopes.  Couldn't find any information about this scopes.

Meopta is still known for excellent optics.  Tested the school telescope and the optics are sharp and very good contrast. 

The mount is very solid.

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Antique ship deck telescope

This is a vintage marine telescope, not a contemporary copy.

Originally the telescope was mounted on the railing on the deck of a ship. 

It's a very heavy instrument with excellent optics.  The views are realy spectacular.  Crisp sharp with a good contrast.

The telescope has a fixed eyepiece with a large eye relief.  Focusing is very smooth.

The telescope was probably made between 1900 and 1920.

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E. Ducretet, Pyrometer, +/- 1900

A pyrometer is a device to the remote temperature-so without contact-to measure. The functioning of the pyrometer based on Wien's displacement law.

The pyrometer measures the wavelength in the infrared or visible light in which an object gives off most radiation to determine its temperature.

This device was created and marked by Eugène Ducretet in Paris around 1900. The item is in good working condition and is finished in brass with its original paint. Length of this object is 24.5 cm. Eugène

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Direct vision antique spectroscope

Beautiful direct vision antique spectroscope. The spectroscope works very well.

Is a large and heavy instrument.

Probably made around 1900.

The split mechanism is in brass and in perfect working condition.  Inside the tube is the prism system.

The spectroscope has a filar eyepiece.

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25 years anniversary of the Zdanicy Observatory

In 1991 the Public Observatory of Ždánice exited 25 years.  At this occasion an article was written in the Czech astronomy magazine Říšehvězd (Empire of stars).  The article briefly outlines the history of the observatory.

The construction of the hotel isn't mentioned in the article. 

The plans for the observatory were made by Ing. Marie Kotíková and Rudolf Pavlik.
Since July 1958 a workers brigade prepared the construction of the building by gathering the building material.  The pupils of t

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Astronomical: Photographs of our Solar System and Beyond

Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona
Location: 1030 North Olive Road, Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: (602) 252-8840

Exhibition: "Astronomical: Photographs of our Solar System and Beyond"
Exhibition Dates: January 31 to May 17
Reception Date: February 26, 6 - 8pm

The opening, on February 26, includes a lecture by Xavier Debeerst, one of the world’s experts on astrophotography, telescopes, and astronomical ephemera.

The evolution of photography has

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