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Harris & Son Newton telescope

Finally the Harris & Son Newton telescope arrived from the UK. Thomas Harris was active in London between 1780 and 1817. The telescope and the mount in bad condition. Lot's of original parts are missing. When I bought the scope the mirror was perfect. When it arrived is broken. Big loss. But it's a historical interesting instruments who deserves to be restored. It will take a lot of time. No hurry. Still have enough other telescopes who need my attention

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Secretan, box with 7 telescope eyepieces 1950's

Secretan was one of the finest opticians of France.  This a rare box with 6 astronomical and 1 terrestrial eyepiece.

The astronomical eyepices can be used in combination with modern telescopes.

Tested the eyepeices with a modern refractor and they perform exceptionally.  I suppose this are orthoscopic eyepieces.

Very rare to find these separately.

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Secretan 8cm telescope +/- 1920

This is a complete 81mm Secretan refractor.  The alt az has slow motion control on the two axes.  This is rather uncommon. 
The slow motions are working very smooth.  Hard to find a Secretan 81mm with the complete alt az mount.
In the 1930 telescope catalogue it is mentioned as a additional option.

The Secretan telescope is in very fine condition.  It has completely cleaned, re-lubed and restored.
The views are excellent as you can expect from a Secretan refractor.

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Mirrors made by Prof. Emile Schaer

Two telescope mirrors made the famous Suisse optician and astronomer Prof. Emile Schaer (1862 - 1931).
The two mirrors are part of heliostat.
The two mirrors are described in "Publications of the Observatoire Geneve Series A, vol. 18, pp.253-265" 1931.
The diameter are 26cm (625cm) and 20cm (300cm).
Emile Schaer is know for the invention of the folded refractor.
The mirrors are signed

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Our service

We have been selling vintage astronomical instruments for over more than 10 years.
I'm a amateur astronomer myself and all instruments I sell are in good working condition.
I test all the telescopes under the stars and know the possibilities of each instrument
All the instruments are controlled and cleaned before shipping.
The necessary reparations are done.
If possible missing parts are replaced.
If not, read the item description carefully for possible defects.  
Take a close look at the photos.
The advantage is you know exactly what you're buying.

We put a lot of effort in the wrapping of the items.
We use professional shippers for the world wide shipping.
We have experience in shipping large instruments up to the unique and complete 6" Unitron - Polarex
Each shipping has a tracking number.
If wanted the shipping can be ensured door2door

Returns are possible.
The buyer needs to know how to use the instrument in the right way.
There is a limited warranty because we don't sell new instruments but used vintage instruments.

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Antique Telescope Observation Site (ATOS)

ATOS (Antique Telescope Observation site)  is the next step in the evolution of Anamorfose and Anamorfose Curiosa

Anamorfose was founded in 1996 as a Photo Gallery in Belgium.  Anamorfose was selling vintage art photography and books worldwide as an e-commerce.  After years, the focus shifted from art photography to scientific photography and more specifically astronomical photography.  With the purchase of astronomical photos came also the trade in historical and antique telescopes. 

This culminated in the rewarding trade in antique observatory telescopes. 

The next step in this evolution is ATOS. 

The installation of these large telescopes in observatories for the public and the potential buyers to use and test, will give a boost to the antique telescope trade.

The project

Antique and classic telescopes are part of our scientific legacy.  Sometimes forgotten or considered no longer suitable for scientific use.
Not matter wath they say, even antique equipment can produce good science – with the right scientists.

The concept of ATOS is straight forward:

"creating an observation site for antique telescopes in a dark European region with luxury overnight accommodations."

Location: The Provence.

The location of the observation site is one of the most important and most challenging elements of the project.  In the light polluted Europe it isn't obvious to find a dark region with enough clear nights to observe.  Secondly the location must be attractive for the visitors.

After some search and analyses of  several regions we decided that the Provence in France is the best suited place to realize ATOS.
Dark places, approximately 170 dark nights a year with excellent observation opportunities (Source: Observatoire de Haute Provence), nice climate, good attainability, rich cultural offer and very nice people.

The domain must offer possibilities for the observation site and overnight accommodations (Chambre-d'Hôtes and Gîtes).  If possible a historic site with an authentic character

I've already visited the Provence twice in search of such location and visited several suitable domains.  But the search hasn't finished yet.  Still looking for the ideal spot.

The Observatories

The starting infrastructure will be the large observatory telescopes from the Zdanice Observatory and the other classic telescopes we have in our inventory.  In total we have plans for 5 observatories.  Specialised observatories for solar observation and astrophotography.  Observatories for visual observation.

Later the observation site will be open for other antique telescope collectors who want to park their telescopes under a dark sky.
You can always contact me if you should be interested to become part of this adventure.

Target groups

Besides amateur astronomers and collectors of antique telescopes, ATOS will be open for the general public who loves a quality stay in the Provence and discover the dark nights with classic telescopes.

The right communication will be the key to success.


For this ambitious and unique project there is a substantial budget needed.  Most of all to acquire the right location in the Provence.

We already have the basic astronomical infrastructure: telescopes, collection of vintage astrophotos and a large astronomical library.
I have a lot of experience in tourism marketing, the success factor for the project.

We are looking for fellow investors who love observing with classic telescopes in an authentic location in the Provence.
The return on investment can be negotiated.  We have several proposals.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

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