I had no idea what to expect of the University of Arizona and more specifically of the Center for Creative Photography.  In Europe universities are generally a series of old buildings scattered all over the city.

This European image doesn't fit the University of Arizona.  Modern architecture concentrated around private streets and squares.  Very open and a lot of light.

One of these modern buildings houses the CCP.  It isn't a traditional museum but a research center.   There is one major exhibition place, an auditorium and  a lot of archive spaces.

When I arrived at the Center Joshua was already waiting for me at the entrance.  What a relief that I made it here.

We visited the exhibition.  I was overwhelmed.  The professional setup and the selection of the photos, books and objects.  A consisted story. 

Two major themes: Space from Earth and space exploration.  A lot of interesting photos never seen before. Some of the photos are on display for the first time like the panorama of the planet Mercury.

The "In More Depth" texts written by Stephen Strom, associate director of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, are very revealing. 

After this short visit to Astronomical, Joshua introduced me some of his colleagues.  A warm welcome.

Interested in the exhibition?  Visit their blog about the exhibition..

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