Nerves and Helium

26 March.  A day planned a couple of months before.  The big day.  The day of my lecture.

I'm always very nervous before I have to speech.  After all this years of public lectures I still get cold feet.  Now more than ever.  English is my third language.  Not so obvious.

Afterwards I read some funny comments about my English.  No problem Becky :-)

To calm down a little the morning I went into downtown Tucson.  Didn't visit the city.  Visit?  A couple of hours is to short to see something.  I felt like an Asiatic tourist who visits in a rush Europe: 2 hours in Firenze and than the bus to Venice....

Time enough to change thoughts. 

In the afternoon appointment at the Center.  Everything stood ready.  I was ready.  The evening before I did the last corrections and alterations to the presentation.

I was introduced to Ewen Whitaker.  Mr. Whitaker was one of the assistants of Gerard Kuiper who made The Photographic Atlas of the Moon that I mention in my lecture. 

It's very rare to talk about someone who is in the room. The right moment to honor and thank him for his important work on selenography.

The auditorium was completely full.  No more time for nerves.

As usual I don't remember much about my lecture.  Only the Simpson's imitation on Helium.  Have done better one's ;-)

After the question moment the drink.  Lot's of content people.

Time for a drink and a smoke.

Joshua was so kind to invite to the restaurant downtown Tucson.  Very good Mexican

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