Didn't expect snow

he last time I was in the United States was over 25 years ago.  It was a business travel and I didn't see much more besides hotels and exhibition halls.

This journey was my first real discovery of the United States.  The open spaces are so different compared to the narrow streets in Europe.
Now I know that the State of Arizona is bigger than Belgium.  It takes about 3 hours drive from Phoenix to Mount Lemmon near Tucson.

When I landed in Phoenix I rented a car in Mesa where I enjoyed a friend's hospitality. The small car wasn't a luxury.  It was a necessity.  Otherwise it wouldn't haven't been able to visit so many places.  It wasn't a big car...

The first appointment I had was with Adam Block, an esteemed astrophotographer who runs the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter.

Unfortunately it was snowing on Mount Lemmon and my rented car didn't love snow.  The last end of the road was blocked.  So I missed the appointment.  Not such a good start.

Made it up next with Adam Block.  We had a nice lunch.

The trip to Mt. Lemmon wasn't so bad at all.  Downwards was easier and I could enjoy the splendid views. I stopped to photograph the sunset and found hidden in the bushes several crosses remembering deceased persons. I don't know the story behind this unwritten signs.

Is it the Mexican influence?  Such a places always intrigued me.  If I had had more time I would love to go deeper into this subject.

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