Unitron - Polarex 132F 102mm refractor

he Polarex (Unitron) model 132F was a typical observatory instrument with the beautiful black pier and the motor drive.

This is the photographic version of the 102mm refractor with the 60mm guidescope and the super focuser.

I've tested the instrument and it works perfect. It a pleasure to observe with this telescope

The Polarex / Unitron (same constructor, but two brands) are high quality Japanese telescopes. From the 1950s to the 1980s Nihon Seiko Kenkyusho, Tokyo manufactured these wonderful telescopes and mounts. They are a pleasure to collect and certainly to use. Despite the achromatic lens they are superior to the modern cheap Chinese apo?s. Collector's know the excellent reputation of the Unitron - Polarex Fraunhofer achromat refractors.

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