First light of the 16cm f:15 Gajdusek - Kozelsky refractor

7 June 2015

Last first light for the Gajdsuek_Koselsky 16cm refractor on the Alt Azimuth mount.
I don't know when it was the last time scope saw star light?

Two photos of how I found the scope laying in one of the domes.

The other photo is the scope standing in the garden ready for observation.

Refractorphil and his son joined for the first light.

It was a little puzzling to find the right pieces to fit the eyepieces. When you use an Altaz mount it's difficult to use high power eyepieces. Between 60x and 150x were ideal.

First object was Venus. Clean view with no secondary colors. Second object was Jupiter. Splendid view. Lot's of details in the clouds and a beautiful shadow transition. Details of the poles. Crispy.

Startest: textbook. What I hoped.
Double-Double in Lyra: clear split at 100x.
M13: Beauty
M57: lot of details.

Conclusion: The scopes is great. Easy to use. The focuser is a joy. Simple mount.

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