Fin de la totalité de l'eclipse lunaire

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It has been here dry for a very long time. Except yesterday.
The first showers in the afternoon not lasting long. But the clouds remained hanging.
Little wind.

At 19h there was an appointment in the exhibition room for an introduction and observation tips. First, not too many people and many people called us asking if the event would take place with the cloudy sky.

The radar and satellite images provided clearances from across the ocean.

By 20h30 we were with 37 visitors. First the traditional rosé-grapefruit cocktail (very appreciated here) and then the observation platform.
Meanwhile, still cloudy.

Around 21h30 the first clearances from the west, over the ocean. Time to observe Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

And then finally, between the clouds a first glimpse of the moon. Applause and cries.

Just the end of the totality of the eclipse but still sufficient to see the red moon.

Many visitors have been able to take pictures.

The visitors also could enjoy the Mars opposition

Around 1h30 most visitors were gone and the regulars remained on the terrace until 3:30 am.

The next event is on Saturday, August 11: the Perseids.

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