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25 years anniversary of the Zdanicy Observatory

In 1991 the Public Observatory of Ždánice exited 25 years.  At this occasion an article was written in the Czech astronomy magazine Říšehvězd (Empire of stars).  The article briefly outlines the history of the observatory.

The construction of the hotel isn't mentioned in the article. 

The plans for the observatory were made by Ing. Marie Kotíková and Rudolf Pavlik.
Since July 1958 a workers brigade prepared the construction of the building by gathering the building material.  The pupils of t

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Vilém Gajdušek and František Kozelský

Vilém Gajdušek (1895–1977) was Czech optician and prominent telescope designer. Asteroid 3603 Gajdušek is named for him.

Asteroid 8229 is named in honor of František Kozelský (1913–2003 ), a Czech telescope maker well-known for his work in collaboration with V. Gajdušek. Kozelský. Kozelský made several 60cm Cassegrains and a series of 20cm refractors for observatories in Czech Republic, Slovakia and the rest of former Eastern Europe.

Hvězdárna Ždánice (1963) was the first big project by Gajdušek

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The hype of the photographic regression

I've been searching for a photo to illustrate this message.  Couldn't find a real good image.

The interest in the old photographic techniques gives me a feel good.   Wonderful evolution in the mind of photographers to research the history of their medium.  They discover new techniques and tricks. 

Contemporary photographers make Daguerreotypes, salt prints, calotypes, etc.  Wonderful.

Now the photographers talk again about dark rooms, chemistry, sorts of paper and alchemy.  It's all about the o

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Belgian Photography for Sale

The history of Belgian photography isn't the history of pioneers.  Belgium was the third country after France and the UK that was involved in the history of photography.

Belgian photography is characterized by craftsmanship.  What means you can discover fantastic photographers in all styles.  Not the inventors but users.  The Association Belge de la Photographie (APB, or Belgian Photography Association) was international highly esteemed.  The APB was founded by the young Belgian government (Bel

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A personal history of photography

A personal history of photography Photography is malicious and dark Following two historical Collector’s Room Updates (pictorialism and modernism) the third Update is a unique perspective on photography and its history with images exploring the boundaries of conventional photography. Photography as a medium explodes and loses its traditional connotations. Historically accurate but not educational. A thematic group exhibition with original photographs by: E.E. Barnard (USA), Nikolaï Kossikoff (BE

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Astronomical: Photographs of our Solar System and Beyond

Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona
Location: 1030 North Olive Road, Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: (602) 252-8840

Exhibition: "Astronomical: Photographs of our Solar System and Beyond"
Exhibition Dates: January 31 to May 17
Reception Date: February 26, 6 - 8pm

The opening, on February 26, includes a lecture by Xavier Debeerst, one of the world’s experts on astrophotography, telescopes, and astronomical ephemera.

The evolution of photography has

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A Dream Becomes Reality

Some time ago I received an email from Dave Komar, Editor of the Unitron History Project, with the questions: "How did you get into this business?  What's your story? "

Answered Dave with a short story and the result is a page on the Unitron History Project website.

This was the occasion for me to look for old photos to illustrate the article.

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