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Solar observation with Merz 75mm from 1890


Observed the Sun the Merz 75mm refractor, equatorial mounted.
This telescope dates from the 1890's.
Used the original Merz eyepieces. Simple Huygens eyepieces but from very good quality.
Nice sharp and contrast views. Lot's of details in the sun spots.


This is an impressive 19th century German telescope.  Used this telescope several times and I'm impressed with the optics and the mechanics of the equatorial mount.

Georg Merz d. 12 January 1867, left business to sons Sigmund & Ludwig.  S. Merz

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Restoration of a 81mm Sécretan refractor, +/- 1920

Secretan, Marc Francois Louis

Nationality:  Swiss

Brief Bio:  1804-1867, mathematician; scientific instrument maker, Swiss

until 1844 - professor of mathematics at Academy of Lausanne;
1840 - worked with Friedrich von Martens and Samuel Heer producing daguerreotypes;
1844 - moved to Paris;
1845 - partnership with Lerebours as Lerebours & Secretan; used joint name until 1880s and beyond.
1855 - after retirement of Noel Paymal Lerebours became sole proprietor of Lerebours and Secretan, and signed

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Photo of M27 made with the 1000mm Zeiss Spiegelobjektiv

During my last visit in the Provence for theATOS-project I visited my good friends Caroline and Jean-Luc Plouvier from the Domaine de la Blaque in Varages.  You should visit them.  It's paradise.

Was able to use Jean-Luc's Mesu 200 mount to make some astrophotos with the Zeiss Jena 1000mm f5.6 Spiegelobjektiv. 


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Oigee Mentor 2" refractor equatorial mount 1922

You don't see them often. I suppose there are only 20 of this small school telescope still existing.
It's the Oigee Mentor. A 50mm equatorial mounted refractor. The table top mount is very beautiful finished with the wooden pier. The telescope was made in the 1920's in Berlin, Germany.
Tested it last night on Mars and Saturn and the views are very pleasant.
Surprising for such a small scope. Small but very heavy. A lot of cast iron.

More information on the Anamorfose website

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The Carl Zeiss Asiola was originaly designed as spotting scope for shooting ranges.
But is also very popular for bird spotters.  As to expect from Zeiss the quality of the Asiola is great.
The optics are blue coated and give a high contrast and a bright, sharp image.

The lens diameter is 63mm and the focal length is 420mm.  With the well known 10mm Ortho eyepiece you get a 42x enlargement.

Lens diameter 62mm
Focal length 420mm
Weight 1,9kg
Eyepiece diameter 24,5mm

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J&A Molteni, Paris, Single draw telescope, +/- 1863, leather and brass

In 1782 the Molteni company was founded in Paris.  Joseph Antoine Blathazar was an Italian maker of optical instruments.
In 1855 his brother Jules Molteni takes over the company and in 1863 together with his nephew Alfred Molteni they started the company J. & A. Molteni specialized in the construction and sale of precision instruments.

lens diameter 65mm
length open 132cm, closed 66cm
diameter of the finder scope

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Maurice Manent 80mm refractor, +/- 1920

It's hard to predict how an antique telescope will perform.

The Manent is fantastic. Made in the 1920 - 1930 by the French telescope maker Mauric Manent. It's a pleasure to observe with. Even the lenses are uncoated it still gives a very good contrast and color. Sharp and beautifull color. Even at 250x the images were crisp and the color with no aberrations. The focuser is very nice.That's the kind of telescopes I like very much.



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Telescope lens made by Steinheil in 1907
It's a rare triplet well corrected for chromatic aberration.

Very well made of brass.

54mm f:4 Steinheil Triplet SN 67 383
On the lens cell is market in handwriting: M 393 and N903
Brass lens cell
Diameter of the lens cell is 62,17mm

More information on the Anamorfose website

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Early A. Bardou 4" Table mount refractor

Last weekend found in a French castle this A. Bardou 4" table mount telescope.
It has the old, small stamp and an unusual tube ring with 2 large screws.
The lens is in fair condition and needs to be cleaned. According to the owner it was bought in the mid 19th century.
The tube needs to be cleaned.  I want polish it. Just clean it.

3314842751?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024What makes this find more interesting is the case with the accessories.  A large number of eyepieces, filters, draw tubes, zenith prism, diaphragms, finder scope a

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Polarex Model 132F

Polarex Model 132F or in human language: large Polarex telescope (10cm diameter) on the original metal pier with all the photographic accessories.Made in the early 1960's and still fully operational.
This kind of telescopes are rare and were only found in observatories.
Will be one of the eye cathers on our booth at the ATT in Essen.

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